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Requirements to Apply for Canada PR - Permanent Residency Visa

Canada PR - Permanent Residency Visa Information

If you want immigrate to Canada on a PR basis, and desire to settle down in Canada then the best way is to apply for a Canada PR - Permanent Residence Visa. On the basis of many irresistible factors like quality of living, environment, security, career opportunities, etc. the world top body, the United Nations (UN), has ranked Canada as the Number 1 spot for immigration across the world, for permanent residence aspirations and getting into Canada through Canada PR - Permanent Residence Visa is the best way available to Indians.

Canada has advantage of as many as 5 cities amid the leading 25 top habitable cities in the world. Canada is also acclaimed as a multicultural nation, average superiority. Canada has two official languages, English and French have extensive popularity in many countries. The existence of the persons having different religious and ethnic backgrounds further increases its appeal as a famous immigration destination in the world.

Canadian Immigration department also called as the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) apparently defines which immigration consultant can produce a petition, on behalf of clients wants to immigrate to Canada, with the department. They are called lawfully certified representatives even as amongst them are the Regulated Canadian Immigration Advisors or counselor. Concept Legal is an agent of one of an authorized representative, who helps and serve company clients with different Canadian Government agencies or regulatory agencies.

Canada PR Visa services for all popular Canada permanent residency options are as follows

  1. Canada Express Entry under Federal Skilled worker Program
  2. Quebec Skilled worker program
  3. Quebec Immigrant Investor Program
  4. Provincial Nominee Programs

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