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We at Concept Legal work with our domestic and international clients to identify the deep protection that is available in legal frame work. Our whole intellectual property right services include patent, trademark and design prosecution and copyright and geographical indication registrations.

The Concept Legal a law firms attorney and patent agents have broad experience in developing patents, trademarks and design portfolios of many large and medium companies with specific expertise in the fields of hi-tech, Information & Communication Technologies, Life sciences including drugs and pharmaceuticals, bio-tech and genetics, chemical and oil, automobile and mechanical engineering, to name a few. Our trademark counsel / attorneys symbolize across the wide range of industries covering all goods and services defined in Trademark laws in India and other countries of world. We have been helping our clients in acquisitions of all forms of IP rights in more than 130 countries through a network of associate and partner law firms and IP attorneys.

  1. Patents
  2. Trademarks
  3. Copyrights
  4. Designs


Patents are legal instruments that protect your inventions. Patents help promote research and development through economic encouragements. They are allowed for a limited and specified time and are enforceable only in the country allowing that right. We have developed collaborations across the world to help our clients to acquire and protect their IP rights in all the countries of world and promote in turn maximize their research investments.

If you consider that your invention requires the right advice to maximize its value, please contact us to get appointment at convenient time to discuss your benefits. We can help you in identifying patentable property and prepare the best way to protect your intellectual property.

With our hands-on experience in preparing and contesting patent applications, acknowledge the uniqueness behind every idea, and brings to you its expertise in the area enabling you to acquire the broadest possible protection.


Trademarks are an important part of maximizing the potential of your intellectual property. Trade marks help in defining and protecting your brand identity in an progressively consumer-driven economy. In order to gain trademark safeguard, not only must your mark be unique; but it must also have a peculiar edge to be noticeable from others.

We understand trademark preservation and enforcement and what it takes to reach goodwill in the marketplace.


Copyrights are a bunch of legal rights that safeguard the creative expression of an idea. While ideas may not be protected by themselves, your execution of those ideas can be. This Intellectual Property right is exclusive and extends to a different range of areas, including literature, drama, music, art, films, computer programs and sound recordings and many more. We provide advises to our clients on copyright protection and helps in enforcing copyrights through injunctive relief, infringement suits or other legal remedies available in the law.


Registration of design helps you in safeguarding the ornamental pattern of your products regarding its shape, appearance or surface layout. The design may comprise a product, packaging, or a logo. The uniqueness of the design gives you a cutthroat advantage in the marketplace and it is important to stop others from trading on that unique differentiator. We can assist you evaluate and develop a procedure for protecting your designs from being copied by others.

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