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USA Immigration Visa Services

US Immigration Programs

The US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), the concerned immigration body, stimulate and encourage the world migrants to move permanently to USA by way of its easy-to-follow immigration process even as it offers large numbers of different types of permit programs to ease the entry of every type of migrant. Whether an immigrant is a skilled worker, or a dashing overseas businessman, or a college or university student interested to pursue studies in USA. Here we listed below a list of several US permit visa programs which are both appropriate and wide open for the global investors, business individuals & trained manpower:

  1. US B-1 and B2 Permits
  2. US H1B, H2B, H3, H4 Permits
  3. US L1 Permit or Intra-company Transfer
  4. US E Permit
  5. US J Permit
  6. US Green Card

US Immigration is broadly open to all meritorious immigrants across the globe even as Washington DC offers a variety of attractive business & employment freedom to them. Offering importance to lawful immigration-- and safeguarding the honor of the US immigration arrangement. There are key contributors of migrants to the US, are India Mexico, the Philippines & China. The US Green Cards, by which the visa aspirant acquires the highly valuable permanent residence status in the country. In short, the US is the highest favorite immigration destination from the angle of quality of life, business & job opportunities.

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