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Sale, licensing or transfer of your intellectual property rights IPR and technical know-how can deliver great rewards. Each area in intellectual property needs a different approach and provides unique benefits proved by the law in India and abroad.

The legal professionals at Concept Legal have been counseling and closing IP construction and transactional concerns for a variety of clients on contractual, licensing and regulatory issues.

  1. Patents
  2. Trademarks
  3. Copyrights


As a patent holder you have the right to prevent others from making or using your technology. You also have the right to authorise, sell, transfer, license, mortgage or pledge the patent to another person or company.

There are different ways to cast your interest in your patents. Any document related to patent rights should be investigated by a legal professional expert of patents. Our patent attorneys / counsel have worked with number of clients on both sides of the patent licensing methods. We can assist you navigate complicated and nuanced licensing concerns effectively.


As a trademark holder, you may favor and permit others to use your registered marks or authorise the rights. To guarantees your command on such use, a contract can help you define the parameters, including consideration, scope of use and royalty calculations.

The Trademarks Act needs that any allowance for the use of a trademark be included in the contract, including royalties or other reward. The Act allows the parties to decide the appropriate royalty fee, though it generally varies between five and ten percent of the product’s sale price.

Concept Legal empowers you to engage in such transactions swiftly to ensure all legal compliances. In addition, we can also take all essential actions, when required, as these transactions are documented at the Trade Marks Registry.


As you are a holder of a copyright, you may allow a right or interest in your creation to another, including future creations. In order for such a allowance to be valid, it must be in writing and be done by the involved professionals. These free licenses help you to achieve the considerable benefit from your creation.

In case of copyright, unlike other intellectual property, a binding license may be allowed by the Copyright Board. A binding license guarantees that creative works are advertise as widely as possible for the public good. Broadly, a binding license may be allowed where the copyright owner has irrationally refused permission for the republishing of his creation. In such cases, a hearing is conducted by the Copyright Board, which may allow the license subject to any conditions it considered fit including payment.

With respect to interpretation of copyrighted works, applications can be made for the intention of teaching, scholarship or research.

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