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Invention Identification

Obtaining the extensive protection for your inventions means identifying what property requires protection as soon as possible. Our highly experienced and trained IPR attorneys can help you in evaluating your invention reveals systematically to identify the valuable patents that exist.

We also helps our clients to develop an internal system to better document their ideas for the process of getting patent and protect them from future claims of misappropriation. If you do not already have some form of invention identification and documentation system, we at Concept Legal International can set up a system for you. We have worked with various clients to successfully establish these systems.

Trademark selection

In the present world marketing a new product or service include developing a brand image and plan of action. Your consumers require to make a distinction in the marketplace. Trade-marks are an essential component of your brand.

We also help our clients in identifying names and nicknames that are truly unique. We also help in searching and clearing existing names and nick names / monikers. This service of ours helps business houses to use their unique identity and name to the adequate extent possible, while minimizing future issues related to trade mark copying.

Brand identity is not just existed in your products, but in your online identity simultaneously. By engaging with you early days to cultivate your presence and signature, we can guarantee the complete protection available in the law. This legal protection may include registering domain names, as well as addressing infringers who are cyber-crouching on your brand.

How to develop an innovation culture

Patents, designs and trade secrets are intellectual property rights (IPR) in general are the signs of innovations. Let us look at these intellectual property rights as a part of innovation. So, the question of how to culture an innovation, transforms itself to how to develop an IP ideas. Even though creation is an organizational level exercise, much of which cannot be protected with these intellectual property rights (IPR), let us deal with the technical side of a system here, for understanding.

Registering a trademark / Intellectual Property Rights

Innovations are always creations and discoveries. Even in a place where new appearances, merchandise, or methods are being created intellectual property IP can elude and lost to others. To avoid this loss of IP and innovations required to be spotted, advertised and compensated, determined, uphold. The above mentioned essential features will help to create an innovation culture in an organization. The aspect of all levels of administrations is crucial for developing a culture of creation especially in the top management of an organization. What the top management consider important transfuse to the whole organization. Thus, it is vital that the top management shows its promise to innovation frequently and apparently.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Many who work with technology and inventions, have a trend to look at their work as solving technical problems and overcome hindrances and hence routine. To make sure that the Intellectual Property Rights safeguard able parts of their work is first spotted, requires someone to help them to know inventions in their own work. The middle and lower management, when prepared to do for this particular job, can play a very important act in spotting work in which Intellectual Property Rights subsists. Otherwise, it is a good idea to engage experts who have the required technical expertise and who are Intellectual Property acumen. They can regularly review the work done in the organization and help reserve the Intellectual Property Rights protectable inventions. This, in other words, is called spotting inventions.

Patent registration in Delhi India

Once such inventions are spotted, top management should take the essential actions to safeguard Intellectual Property Rights. These actions are application for a patent or a registered design or decide to keep it a trade secret. Again, this requires a hard working internal team to take care of all the processes or take the help of external team offering services regarding IPR. Once a patent is applied for registration, for situation, it must be made well known to everyone in the institution. That is called inventions, and hence inventors, required to be given publicity.

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