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Independent IPR Firm Delhi India

Concept Legal International is an Independent Patent & Technology consulting firm, having office at New Delhi, India, with target on Intellectual Property (IP) protection, enforcement and commercialization in India and world. Our effort at Concept Legal International to have excellence in patent and technology registration and enforcement services. We trust in knowledge driven economy and utility based technology, business and market oriented Research & Development strategic protection & management of Intellectual Property, recognizing & analyzing new opportunities, technology transfers, and commercialization.

Intellectual Property Rights and Registration

The expertise of Concept Legal International includes a wide range of technical area including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Life Science, Biotech, Electronics, Telecom, Software development, IT and many more. We inspire and support mind to market approach. Concept Legal International moves hand in hand with its clients from modernization to successful commercialization of inventions and discoveries. The expertise and practices followed at Concept Legal International are familiarization towards "Quality Work, Well in Time". We are devoted towards giving honest and professionally honest opinion to our clients.

  • Thoughtful action to gain IP Protection;
  • Transparent estimate of costs and expected expenditures;
  • Transparency in our services and limitations;
  • Well drafted and well structured reports and opinions;
  • Customized filing and prosecution strategy;
  • Effective solution to acquire new and advance technology;

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